Friday, August 11, 2006

Pr1v4cy 4nd 3xp10175 - 6

"..R0b3r7 P37rick $34rch3d ph0r 7h3 w0rd$ n3ck, $n4p, br34k 4nd h01d 0n 4n 1n73rn37 $34rch 3ngin3 b3ph0r3 hi$ wiph3 di3d. M0r3 7h4n 7w0 y34r$ 4ph73r J4nin3 $u7ph3n'$ b0dy w4$ di$c0v3r3d ph1047ing in 4 R413igh 14k3, inv3$7ig470r$ c0n7inu3 70 phind n3w 3vid3nc3 0n c0mpu73r$ $3iz3d phr0m R0b3r7 P37rick'$ h0m3 7h47 pr0$3cu70r$ $4y $upp0r7 7h3ir 4rgum3n7$ 7h47 P37rick ki113d hi$ wiph3. 7h3 G00g13 $34rch w4$ 7h3 1473$7 in r3c3n71y di$c0v3r3d 3vid3nc3 ph0und 0n n34r1y 4 d0z3n c0mpu73r$ $3iz3d phr0m P37rick'$ h0m3. 14$7 w33k, 4 ph0r3n$ic inv3$7ig470r di$c0v3r3d 7h47 P37rick 4113g3d1y r3$34rch3d 14k3 13v31$, w473r curr3n7$, b047 r4mp$ 4nd 4cc3$$ 4b0u7 F411$ 14k3 ju$7 ph0ur d4y$ b3ph0r3 h3 r3p0r73d $u7ph3n mi$$ing 0n J4n. 22, 2003..."

7hi$ i$ 4 $nipp37 0ph 7h3 r3p0r7$ 0ph c4$3 7h47 w4$ $01v3d in Durh4m NC. R34d 7h3 c0mp1373 $70ry h3r3

M0r41 0ph 7h3 $70ry i$ - Crim3 d0$n7 p4y ph0r 700 10ng. @nd n0w Big Br07h3r G00g13 wi7h i7$ 4dv4nc3d 7r4cking $y$73m, c4n h31p 70 phind 0u7 41m0$7 4ny7hing 4nd 3v3ry7hing 7h47 y0u d0 0n 7h3 N37.

@c7u411y, 7hi$ 0n3 w4$ 1ucky 0n3 7h47 m4d3 G00g13$ d4y 4$ 4 $34rch 3ngin3, bu7 i7 w4$ 4n 4170g47h3r diphph3r3n7 $70ry ph0r @01, wh3n 4 ph4c3 w4$ 3xp0$3d ph0r @01 $34rch3r n0 4417749. 7h3 n3w$ w4$ -

"..Buri3d in 4 1i$7 0ph 20 mi11i0n W3b $34rch qu3ri3$ c0113c73d by @01 4nd r3c3n71y r3134$3d 0n 7h3 1n73rn37 i$ u$3r N0. 4417749. 7h3 numb3r w4$ 4$$ign3d by 7h3 c0mp4ny 70 pr073c7 7h3 $34rch3r’$ 4n0nymi7y, bu7 i7 w4$ n07 much 0ph 4 $hi31d..."C1ick h3r3 70 r34d 7h3 c0mp1373 n3w$

1 gu3$$, i7 ju$7 c4ugh7 @01 p4n7$ d0wn... :D

B7W, 1 $ugg3$7 7h47 4ph73r r34ding 7h0$3 4r7ic13$, p134$3 74k3 $0m3 7im3 70 r34d 7h3 priv4cy p01icy 0ph G00g13 - h3r3, 1 m34n i7$ b3773r 70 kn0w 411 7h3 ru13$ 4nd r3gu147i0n$ 0nc3. @ph73r m0n7h$ 0ph $34rching 4nd 3xp3rim3n7ing, phin411y, 7h3 7ru7h i$ 0u7 -

1. G00g13'$ imm0r741 c00ki3:

G00g13 w4$ 7h3 phir$7 $34rch 3ngin3 70 u$3 4 c00ki3 7h47 3xpir3$ in 2038. 7hi$ w4$ 47 4 7im3 wh3n ph3d3r41 w3b$i73$ w3r3 pr0hibi73d phr0m u$ing p3r$i$73n7 c00ki3$ 4170g37h3r. N0w i7'$ y34r$ 1473r, 4nd imm0r741 c00ki3$ 4r3 c0mm0np14c3 4m0ng $34rch 3ngin3$; G00g13 $37 7h3 $74nd4rd b3c4u$3 n0 0n3 b07h3r3d 70 ch4113ng3 7h3m. 7hi$ c00ki3 p14c3$ 4 uniqu3 1D numb3r 0n y0ur h4rd di$k. @ny7im3 y0u 14nd 0n 4 G00g13 p4g3, y0u g37 4 G00g13 c00ki3 iph y0u d0n'7 41r34dy h4v3 0n3. 1ph y0u h4v3 0n3, 7h3y r34d 4nd r3c0rd y0ur uniqu3 1D numb3r. @n 3x4mp13 0ph 7hi$ c00ki3, which 1 ph0und 0n my $y$73m i$












7hi$ c00ki3 m4k3$ i7 p0$$ib13 ph0r G00g13 70 7r4ck my $i73$ wh473v3r 1 vi$i7. @nd d0 y0u w4n7 70 $33 wh47 m4k3$ i7 p0$$ib13 ph0r G00g13 70 d0 411 7hi$, 7h3n p134$3 c1ick h3r3.

17$ 7h3 G00g13 Urchin @n41y7ic $0ph7w4r3, 7h47 7311$ G00g13 411 7h3 ni77y gri77y d374i1$ 7h47 i7 n33d$ 70 kn0w. 3v3n B10gg3r, 7h3 $i73 1 4m 0n righ7 n0w m4k3$ u$3 0ph 7hi$ $0ph7w4r3..

2. G00g13 r3c0rd$ 3v3ry7hing 7h3y c4n:

F0r 411 $34rch3$ 7h3y r3c0rd 7h3 c00ki3 1D, y0ur 1n73rn37 1P 4ddr3$$, 7h3 7im3 4nd d473, y0ur $34rch 73rm$, 4nd y0ur br0w$3r c0nphigur47i0n. 1ncr34$ing1y, G00g13 i$ cu$70mizing r3$u17$ b4$3d 0n y0ur 1P numb3r. 7hi$ i$ r3ph3rr3d 70 in 7h3 indu$7ry 4$ "1P d31iv3ry b4$3d 0n g3010c47i0n."

3. G00g13 r374in$ 411 d474 ind3phini731y:

G00g13 h4$ n0 d474 r373n7i0n p01ici3$. 7h3r3 i$ 3vid3nc3 7h47 7h3y 4r3 4b13 70 34$i1y 4cc3$$ 411 7h3 u$3r inph0rm47i0n 7h3y c0113c7 4nd $4v3.

4. G00g13 w0n'7 $4y why 7h3y n33d 7hi$ d474:

1nquiri3$ 70 G00g13 4b0u7 7h3ir priv4cy p01ici3$ 4r3 ign0r3d. Wh3n 7h3 N3w Y0rk 7im3$ (2002-11-28) 4$k3d $3rg3y Brin 4b0u7 wh37h3r G00g13 3v3r g37$ $ubp03n43d ph0r 7hi$ inph0rm47i0n, h3 h4d n0 c0mm3n7.

5. G00g13 hir3$ $p00k$:

M477 Cu77$, 4 k3y G00g13 3ngin33r, u$3d 70 w0rk ph0r 7h3 N47i0n41 $3curi7y @g3ncy. G00g13 w4n7$ 70 hir3 m0r3 p30p13 wi7h $3curi7y c134r4nc3$, $0 7h47 7h3y c4n p3dd13 7h3ir c0rp0r473 4$$37$ 70 7h3 $p00k$ in W4$hing70n.

6. G00g13'$ 7001b4r i$ $pyw4r3:

Wi7h 7h3 4dv4nc3d ph347ur3$ 3n4b13d, G00g13'$ phr33 7001b4r ph0r 3xp10r3r ph0n3$ h0m3 wi7h 3v3ry p4g3 y0u $urph, 4nd y3$, i7 r34d$ y0ur c00ki3 700. 7h3ir priv4cy p01icy c0nph3$$3$ 7hi$, bu7 7h47'$ 0n1y b3c4u$3 @13x4 10$7 4 c14$$-4c7i0n 14w$ui7 wh3n 7h3ir 7001b4r did 7h3 $4m3 7hing, 4nd 7h3ir priv4cy p01icy ph4i13d 70 3xp14in 7hi$. W0r$3 y37, G00g13'$ 7001b4r upd473$ 70 n3w v3r$i0n$ qui371y, 4nd wi7h0u7 4$king. 7hi$ m34n$ 7h47 iph y0u h4v3 7h3 7001b4r in$74113d, G00g13 3$$3n7i411y h4$ c0mp1373 4cc3$$ 70 y0ur h4rd di$k 3v3ry 7im3 y0u c0nn3c7 70 G00g13 (which i$ m4ny 7im3$ 4 d4y). M0$7 $0ph7w4r3 v3nd0r$, 4nd 3v3n Micr0$0ph7, 4$k iph y0u'd 1ik3 4n upd473d v3r$i0n. Bu7 n07 G00g13. @ny $0ph7w4r3 7h47 upd473$ 4u70m47ic411y pr3$3n7$ 4 m4$$iv3 $3curi7y ri$k.

7. G00g13'$ c4ch3 c0py i$ i113g41:

Judging phr0m Nin7h Circui7 pr3c3d3n7 0n 7h3 4pp1ic47i0n 0ph U.$. c0pyrigh7 14w$ 70 7h3 1n73rn37, G00g13'$ c4ch3 c0py 4pp34r$ 70 b3 i113g41. 7h3 0n1y w4y 4 w3bm4$73r c4n 4v0id h4ving hi$ $i73 c4ch3d 0n G00g13 i$ 70 pu7 4 "n04rchiv3" m374 in 7h3 h34d3r 0ph 3v3ry p4g3 0n hi$ $i73. $urph3r$ 1ik3 7h3 c4ch3, bu7 w3bm4$73r$ d0n'7. M4ny w3bm4$73r$ h4v3 d31373d qu3$7i0n4b13 m473ri41 phr0m 7h3ir $i73$, 0n1y 70 di$c0v3r 1473r 7h47 7h3 pr0b13m p4g3$ 1iv3 m3rri1y 0n in G00g13'$ c4ch3. 7h3 c4ch3 c0py $h0u1d b3 "0p7-in" ph0r w3bm4$73r$, n07 "0p7-0u7."

8. G00g13 i$ n07 y0ur phri3nd:

By n0w G00g13 3nj0y$ 4 75 p3rc3n7 m0n0p01y ph0r 411 3x73rn41 r3ph3rr41$ 70 m0$7 w3b$i73$. W3bm4$73r$ c4nn07 4v0id $33king G00g13'$ 4ppr0v41 7h3$3 d4y$, 4$$uming 7h3y w4n7 70 incr34$3 7r4phphic 70 7h3ir $i73. 1ph 7h3y 7ry 70 74k3 4dv4n74g3 0ph $0m3 0ph 7h3 kn0wn w34kn3$$3$ in G00g13'$ $3mi-$3cr37 41g0ri7hm$, 7h3y m4y phind 7h3m$31v3$ p3n41iz3d by G00g13, 4nd 7h3ir 7r4phphic di$4pp34r$. 7h3r3 4r3 n0 d374i13d, pub1i$h3d $74nd4rd$ i$$u3d by G00g13, 4nd 7h3r3 i$ n0 4pp341 pr0c3$$ ph0r p3n41iz3d $i73$. G00g13 i$ c0mp13731y un4cc0un74b13. M0$7 0ph 7h3 7im3 G00g13 d03$n'7 3v3n 4n$w3r 3m4i1 phr0m w3bm4$73r$.

9. G00g13 i$ 4 priv4cy 7im3 b0mb:

Wi7h 200 mi11i0n $34rch3$ p3r d4y, m0$7 phr0m 0u7$id3 7h3 U.$., G00g13 4m0un7$ 70 4 priv4cy di$4$73r w4i7ing 70 h4pp3n. 7h0$3 n3w1y-c0mmi$$i0n3d d474-mining bur34ucr47$ in W4$hing70n c4n 0n1y dr34m 4b0u7 7h3 $0r7 0ph $1ick 3phphici3ncy 7h47 G00g13 h4$ 41r34dy 4chi3v3d.

7hi$ i$ wh47 0n1in3 priv4cy m34n$. 17$ ju$7 70 r3mind 7h47 n0 m4773r h0w m4ny pr0xi3$ w3 u$3 70 hid3, n0 m4773r h0w m4ny c104k$ w3 u$3, n0 m4773r h0w m4ny 4d b10xx0r$ w3 u$3, 7h3 3y3$ 0ph $0m3 big br07h3r 4r3 41w4y$ w47ching u$..

1 3nd 7hi$ p0$7 wi7h 4 qu3$7i0n - Why d0n7 w3 h4v3 4 '7ru$7 p01icy' in$734d 0ph priv4cy p01icy? C4n 4ny0n3 4n$w3r 7hi$??

Monday, July 24, 2006

Privacy 'nd Xploits - 5

Hi thre.

If you are outsiD India, I guess thre are no problms 4 you n seng ths...but many peopl from India arnt abl 2 see ths sit, coz Indian govrnmnt has officilly/unofficilly blockd access 2 ll sits orign@ng from d blogspot doman..Wh8hr dy hav d1 it ryt or wrong can cause a huG Dbt amongst Indians, but thn we cannot s2p from puttng up quliT blogs, snt it?? :D

OK, now as d govt has blockd access 2 sits, can we say th@ ths has Bn a block on our fredom of expression? Some of you myt say yes, some of you wl say no..some wont say anythng..

But thn, Bcuase I care 4 my Indian reaDrs, I am gong 2 tll you a way 2 read ths blog usng a smll but significantly important m8hod - The use of a proxy srvr. But B4e th@ I appl 2 ll of you th@ plase ignore ll d mails nd paGs th@ tll you addresses of onlne proxy..Its not gonna proviD anonimiT but a gre@ lie. Not only its illgl, but its lso unsafe. Can B trmd as anti n@ionl nd wrong. Trust me.

Meanwhil, I conDm evry @tack maD aganst India, nd I wsh th@ Indian govrnmnt should make strict clause of punshmnt 4 militants nd trrorsts. Fuckiest trrorsts, you dont do any smartness whn you kill nnocnt humans. You hav no guts 2 evn lUk @ d brav Indian soldirs face 2 face. I pray 2 God 4 d peopl who lost dir livs n d recnt blasts. I lso support d stnd of Indian Govrnmnt n ths case. Evn if I fl it lil nconvnint, I am lso aware th@ n@ion cms first n any case. For me, its my country th@ m@trs d most nd I wl lways B a proud Indian. I wl lways try my Bst so th@ 1 day my country wl B proud of me. And yeah, dont 4Gt th@ usng othr proxy thn d 1s mnti1d n ths blog blong 2 pakstani origns nd your prsonl Dtails wl B availabl 2 dm @ no extra cost. On 2p of it, its an anti n@ionl nd anti Indian act, which s punshabl by law. So ll blogGrs, dont fll prey 2 any flse sayngs nd jon hnds 2 support d govrnmnt nd show uniT of bng an Indian. Plase dont use a wrong proxy 2 view your blogs. Its an appl nd request.

The mdia currntly has got no brans, nd I conDm d rol of prntd mdia nd broadcast mdia as wll 4 not supportng Indian stnd.

Now I wl tll you a lgl nd officil way 2 access sits from ths doman.

If you hav GPRS nabld hnds8s, thn you must B knowng th@ thre s a sepr@ wml proxy srvr from GUgl th@ shows you ll WAP nabld paGs n chtml 4m@. has anothr use a proxy..but its lgl nd trustd as its GUgl :)

OK, now Tpe ths n your browsr - nd press ntr. Wait you wont Gt anythng..!! So now, Tpe exactly d same as wh@ I tll you.

Now wh@ s imoD?? In short, I-moD s Japanese NTT DoCoMo (Japanese Tlph1 nd Tlgraph whrevr you go) mobil computr which makes use of chtml, a subs8 of html on its hndhlds.

Aftr ntrng ths address, you wl see d smll imprnt of GUgl search paG on d browsr. Simpl ntr d address of sit you wnt 2 see, nd I guess d GUgl wl safly take you thre evn if thre s a ban of paGs from th@ doman..Try ths lnk 2 read my paG -

Just Gt d syntax ryt -
q=name of 4bidDn sit
hl=n ie your languaG
lr=restrict=chtml its a languaG Drivd from html
ei nd ll othrs are long thngs..

Now aftr ll ths, you must not 4Gt 2 thank GUgl. GUgl s not only a search ngne, but lso a gre@ onlne frind who knows exactly wh@ 2 fnd nd whre 2 fnd.. :)

Now an obvious quesshn. How did I cm 2 know ths? a secr8..!!

The othr 2ol th@ you can try safly s - Skweezr

Actully, ths snt a convnshnl proxy, but a sit th@ 'squeezes' out extra d@a from web paGs..It s orignlly Dsignd 4 mobil n8 surfng whre we are charGd on kilobyt pr second. Ths thng basiclly s usd 4 srvice proviDrs like !Da, Hutch, CllOne 8c, d majot playrs n India. So, evn if you dont ned ths aftr d ban s ovr, use it on your GPRS nabld mobil, it wil do you a lot of GUd.

No, actully, as a securiT exprt I ned 2 keep knowldG of ll thngs th@ exst...from proxies 2 anonymous mailrs 8c.. I know th@ dse 2ols can ovrriD d gUd limits, but thn its an nevitibiliT th@ we cannot avoid..

Till next time, I hope our sits wl B unblockd..nd more on govt policies, GUgl, cncorship nd N8 access n d next post on The First T1s of Fredom.

Jay Bharat.

BTW, You may be surprised to see this new typo lingo here..Worry not..Its just a small demo..The l33t edition will continue to have the regular leet language. This post is written in sms speak only because the proxies I have mentioned are used in mobile communication..So, its just a thank you for those folks who made it possible for many of us to view the blogs.

Monday, July 17, 2006

J0y 4nd H4ppin3$$

"....Wh47 c4n 4 wri73r b3 wi7h0u7 hi$ r34d3r$?...."

Hi 7h3r3.

70d4y 1 r3ci3v3d 4 g00d n3w$, 4nd 1 wi$h 70 $h4r3 i7 wi7h y0u 411.

Fr0m 70d4y, i3 $und4y Ju1y 16 2006, @n$w3r$.c0m wi11 b3 inc1uding 7h3 c0n73n7$ 0ph '7h3 Fir$7 70n3$ 0ph Fr33d0m' in i7$ 4n$w3r 3ngin3. $imp1y $4id, i7$ 4 m4j0r 14ndm4rk in 7h3 b10g$ 1iph3, which b3g4n 0n1y $ix m0n7h$ 4g0, 4$ 4 p4r7 0ph @gn3y4 pr0j3c7. 1 n3v3r im4gin3d 7h47 i7 w0u1d h4v3 b33n $0 $ucc3$$phu1. 1 r3m3mb3r 7h3 phir$7 in$74nc3 0ph h4ppin3$$ wh3n 1 $4w my n4m3 in G00g13 $34rch 3ngin3. 70d4y, 1 ph331 7h3 $4m3 3xci73m3n7. 7h3r3 w3r3 $0 m4ny ch4113ng3$, $0 m4ny diphphicu17i3$ righ7 phr0m 7h3 w0rd g0, bu7 1 w4$ $ur3 7h47 wi7h $upp0r7 phr0m d34r r34d3r$, 4nd G0d$ gr4c3, 1 w0u1d b3 4b13 70 $h4r3 $0m3 $m411 7h0ugh7$ 0n 4 ph4ir1y p4r4n0id 4nd $0m3wh47 diphphicu17 70pic 0ph W3b $3curi7y 4nd 7h3 0b$cur3 1337 14ngu4g3. $0 m4ny p30p13 m0ck3d 47 m3, $4ying 7h47 7hi$ i$ g0nn4 pr0v3 4 ph4r$3, 4 ph4i1ur3. Bu7 wi7h 7h3 b13$$ing$ 0ph @gn3y4$ $7r3ng7h 4nd d34r r34d3r$ $upp0r7ing m3, 1 c4n pr0ud1y $4y - 7h3r3 i$ p13n7y 0ph $upp0r7 ph0r 4 7iny b10g wh3n i7 h4$ qu41i7y c0n73n7$ 4nd d3dic473d r34d3r$. 17 411 c0n7ribu73$ 70 $ucc3$$. D34r r34d3r$, n0 m4773r wh3r3 y0u 4r3, 1 wi11 41w4y$ r3m4in 7h4nkphu1 70 y0u. 1 41$0 7h4nk v4ri0u$ u$3r$ wh0 3nc0ur4g3d m3 7hr0ugh m4i1$, c0mm3n7$ 417h0ugh m4ny p0in73d 70 m3 7h47 1 n3v3r pub1i$h c0mm3n7 :) Wh47 c4n 1 $4y? 1 7h4nk y0u ph0r y0ur 3v3ry $ugg3$7i0n.

N0w, 7h3 r3$p0n$ibi1i7y 0ph m3 4$ 7h3 wri73r h4$ incr34$3d. 1 pr0mi$3 7h47 y0u wi11 g37 qu41i7y c0n73n7$ in c0ming 7im3. 7i11 7h3n, 7h4nk y0u 4nd k33p r34ding 7h3 'Fir$7 70n3$ 0ph Fr33d0m'.

14$7 bu7 n3v3r 7h3 134$7 - 7h4nk Y0u d34r G0d. Y3$, 1 und3r$700d wh47 y0u h4d 70 7311 m3. 1iph3 i$ h4r$h, bu7 Y0u 4r3 41w4y$ kind 70 m3. 1 wi11 41w4y$ pr4y 70 Y0u ph0r y0ur b13$$ing$.

P$ - P134$3 c1ick 7hi$ in73r3$7ing 1ink. 17 wi11 74k3 y0u 70 my 1i7713 in7r0 0n @n$w3r$.c0m

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pr1v4cy 4nd 3xp10175 - 4

3v3ry n3rd 10v3$ 7h3 XM1H77pR3qu3$7. 17 $upp1i3$ 7h3 phunc7i0n41i7y 0ph which W3b pr0gr4mm3r$' dr34m$ 4r3 m4d3. W3b 4pp1ic47i0n$ $74r7 b3h4ving 1ik3 d3$k70p 4pp1ic47i0n$. 7hing$ w0rk 4$ 7h3y'r3 "$upp0$3d 70," phr33ing 7h3 Mum-4nd-D4d 3nd u$3r$ phr0m n33ding 70 kn0w 4ny7hing 4b0u7 $3rv3r$, c1i3n7$, p0$7-b4ck$ 4nd $ubmi7 bu770n$—"$ubmi7? $ubmi7 70 wh47!"

R3c3n71y, 4 myri4d 0ph 4w3$0m3 3x4mp13$ h4v3 3xp10d3d 0n70 7h3 W3b $c3n3 7h47 i11u$7r473 why r3m073 $crip7ing (0r "@J@X" iph y0u pr3ph3r), i$ 7h3 gr3473$7 7hing $inc3 7h3 0n3-pix31 giph. 1n ph4c7, 7h3 1i$7 0ph c001 4nd u$3phu1 4pp1ic47i0n$ $33m$ 70 b3 gr0wing d4i1y, wi7h $i73$ $uch 4$ F1ickr, G00g13 M4p$ Gm4i1, 37c.

7h0$3 $i73$ 4nd 07h3r$ h4v3 cr3473d 4n 4v414nch3 0ph @J@X hyp3. 70 b3 ph4ir, 7h3 73chn010gy d03$ h4v3 7h3 p073n7i41 70 impr0v3 7h3 0n1in3 3xp3ri3nc3. F0r 411 i7$ g00dn3$$, h0w3v3r, $0m37hing $m311$ 4 1i7713 phunny 4b0u7 7hi$ W3b c0mmunic47i0n; 1ik3 b33r 4nd ch0c01473 b3ph0r3 i7, 7h3r3 i$ 4n 3vi1 $id3 70 wh47—0n 7h3 $urph4c3—$33m$ pur3 4nd inn0c3n7.

7h3 und3r1ying p073n7i41 ph0r 3vi1 3xi$7$ in 7h3 imp0r74n7 phunc7i0n41 diphph3r3nc3$ 7h47 hid3 b3hind 7h3 u$3r-in73rph4c3 m4$k 0ph ph4mi1i4ri7y. M4ny 0ph y0u h4v3 b33n u$ing 7h3 1n73rn37 ph0r 10 y34r$ n0w 4nd y0u kn0w h0w i7 w0rk$: Y0u c1ick 4r0und; y0u phi11 0u7 ph0rm$; y0u 7w34k 0r phix y0ur 3n7ri3$, 4nd y0u hi7 7h3 $ubmi7 bu770n wh3n y0u'r3 d0n3. Y0u kn0w 7h3 3$$3n7i41$ 7h47 h4v3 b33n p4$$3d d0wn phr0m W3b g3n3r47i0n$ 70 n3wbi3 W3b g3n3r47i0n$, $uch 4$: "D0n'7 pr3$$ 7h3 $ubmi7 bu770n 7wic3—7h3 ph0rm migh7 g37 d0ub13-p0$73d," 0r "W4i7 4 bi7 10ng3r, i7'$ ju$7 pr0c3$$ing," 0r "D0n'7 pr3$$ 7h3 'b4ck' bu770n 4ph73r y0u'v3 $ubmi773d 7h3 ph0rm," 4nd $0 0n.

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7h47 $crip7 3x3cu73$ 7h3 J4v4$crip7 c0d3 c0n74in3d in 7h3 r3$p0n$3 phr0m 7h3 XM1H77pR3qu3$7. 1n 07h3r w0rd$, i7'$ p0$$ib13 70 4dd 0r m0diphy J4v4$crip7 phunc7i0n$ 4nd c0d3 in 7h3 b4ckgr0und 3v3n 4ph73r 4 p4g3 104d! $0 3v3n iph y0u in$p3c7 7h3 p4g3 $0urc3 ph0r c0d3 7h47 migh7 b3 $3nding k3y$7r0k3$ 0r m0u$3 m0v3m3n7$ b4ck 70 7h3 W3b $3rv3r, y0u c4n'7 b3 c3r74in 7h47 7h3 c0d3 y0u $33 i$ 7h3 0n1y c0d3 7h47'$ 3x3cu7ing. C0mbin3 7h47 wi7h $0m3 phunky 0bphu$c47i0n 4nd y0u c4n $33 h0w m413v013n7 in73n7 4nd 7h3 XM1H77pR3qu3$7 0bj3c7 c4n c0mbin3 70 $7341 $3curi7y 4w4y phr0m 7h3 W3b c1i3n7.

[1NC0MP1373...P13@$3 R3@D 7H3 @B0V3 73MP0R@RY P0$7]

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pr1v4cy 4nd 3xp10175 - 3


Q. Wh47 15 W3b 2.0?
4. 175 7h3 147357 f4d 7h47 15 5pr34d by m4rk371ng 4g3n75 wh0 4r3 34g3r 70 5311 7h3r pr0duc75. 7h15 15 54m3 45 3G(m0b113 ph0n3 c0nv3rg3nc3,V01P 37c..)

7h15 15 7h3 m057 c0mm0n 4n5w3r g1v3n by w311 3duc473d 4nd 73chn010g1c411y 1173r473 3ng1n33r5. 1 c4n ju57 gu355 wh47 7h3 c0mm0n p30p13 h4v3 70 54y.

4c7u411y, 7h47 4n5w3r 15 p4r71411y r1gh7, bu7 1 c4n 4150 54y 7h47 17 15 50m3wh47 m15gu1d1ng 700.

1375 533 wh47 d3f1n35 W3b 2.0 1n 0ff1c141 73rm5.

".. W3b 2.0 15 4n umbr3114 73rm f0r 7h3 53c0nd w4v3 0f 7h3 W0r1d W1d3 W3b. W3b 2.0 1mp1135 4n 1nf0rm4710n 4nd c0mpu71ng p147f0rm 45 w311 45 4 c0n73n7 570r3h0u53. 50m371m35 c4113d 7h3 "N3w 1n73rn37," W3b 2.0 pr0m0735 7h1n c113n7 c0mpu71ng, wh3r3 3v3ry7h1ng 15 570r3d 0n 53rv3r5 (0n 7h3 W3b), 4nd 4 u53r h45 4cc355 fr0m 4ny 14p70p 0r d35k70p c0mpu73r v14 4 W3b br0w53r. C113n7 4pp11c4710n5 7h47 d0 n07 r3qu1r3 7h3 br0w53r c4n 4150 b3 d0wn104d3d 47 4ny 71m3 fr0m 7h3 W3b.

W3b 2.0 5ugg3575 4 W3b-c3n7r1c 50urc3 f0r ju57 4b0u7 3v3ry7h1ng: 1nf0rm4710n, 3n73r741nm3n7, n3w5, w347h3r, 570ck5, r3f3r3nc3, p0dc4575, v1d305 4nd 57r34m1ng m3d14. 17 3mbr4c35 50c141 ph3n0m3n4 7h47 1nc1ud35 b10g5, W1k15 4nd 0n11n3 c0mmun17135 5uch 45 Fr13nd573r, My5p4c3 4nd F4c3b00k

7h3 W3b-c3n7r1c 4ppr04ch f0r 4pp11c4710n5 7urn5 7h3 W3b 1n70 4 "g10b41 53rv3r" 0f 50f7w4r3 4nd d474 70 3nd u53r5. R3m073 53rv3r5 0n 7h3 1n73rn37 0p3r473d 4nd m41n741n3d by 7h1rd p4r7135 74k3 7h3 p14c3 0f 7h3 n37w0rk 53rv3r5 1n 4 c0mp4ny'5 14N

1n 7h3 m1d-19905, 7h3 W3b b3g4n (W3b 1.0) 45 4 r3p05170ry 0f 1nf0rm4710n 4nd 57471c c0n73n7. W17h1n 4 c0up13 y34r5, 4 hug3 4m0un7 0f c0n73n7 w45 dyn4m1c, r37urn1ng cu570m r35u175 70 u53r5. By 7h3 7urn 0f 7h3 c3n7ury, 7h3 W3b b3c4m3 m0r3 1n73r4c71v3 (W3b 1.5), 4110w1ng u53r5 70 p14y, 570p, r3w1nd 4nd f457 f0rw4rd 7hr0ugh 4ud10 4nd v1d30 c0n73n7. 1n 7h3 d15cu5510n 0f W3b 2.0, 7h3 1.0 4nd 1.5 g3n3r4710n 14b315 4r3 50m371m35 u53d, bu7 7h3y 4r3 n07 r1g1d1y d3f1n3d.

7h3 w3b 2.0 c0nc3p7 w45 3n4b13d du3 70 7w0 m4j0r f4c70r5 - B4ndw1d7h 4nd p0w3r. F4573r 1n m4ny c4535 7h4n 7h3 71 11n35 1n 7h3 3n73rpr153, c4b13 4nd D51 h00kup5 h4v3 g1v3n h1gh-5p33d c0nn3c710n5 70 5m411 bu51n35535 4nd h0m3 0ff1c35. 1n 4dd1710n, 7h3 3n7ry 13v31 c0mpu73r h45 b3c0m3 p0w3rfu1 3n0ugh 70 3x3cu73 pr0gr4mm1ng 5cr1p75 1n 4n H7M1 p4g3 w17h0u7 4ny n071c34b13 d314y5.

7h3 c0mb1n4710n 0f 1ncr3453d b4ndw1d7h, m0r3 CPU p0w3r 1n b07h c113n75 4nd 53rv3r5, 45 w311 45 r3f1n3m3n75 1n W3b pr0gr4mm1ng, h4v3 3n4b13d 7h3 W3b 70 b3 4 7r4n5p4r3n7 3x73n510n 0f 7h3 u53r'5 c0mpu73r ju57 45 10c41 n37w0rk5 d1d w17h1n 7h3 3n73rpr153 1n 7h3 19805 4nd 19905. .."

Ph3w, 7h47 w45 qu173 4 b17.

1 h4v3 g07 4 m0r3 51mp13 d35cr1p710n f0r 7h15 17 g035 45 - "W3b 2.0 15 7h3 n3w c0nc3p7 0ff3r1ng 534m1355 1n73gr4710n 0f d474, v01c3 4nd p1c7ur3, 7h47 c4n 4cc3553d 0n d3v1c35 r4ng1ng fr0m m0b113 ph0n3 70 14rg357 c1u573r 0f c0mpu73r5, w17h0u7 4ny h4554135 0r 4ny c0mpr0m153 1n 1nf0rm4710n d157r1bu710n, w17h0u7 4ny pr0b13m5 0f 50f7w4r3 0r h4rdw4r3 c0n57r41n75"

H3y, 1 kn0w 7h47 y0u 11k3 m3 wh3n 1 k155(?) (N07 7h47 w4y...1 w4n73d 70 54y 7h47 1 k33p 7h1ng5 5h0r7 4nd 51mp13..!!!)

4nd 70 b3 h0n357, 7h15 7h1ng 15 r3411y c47ch1ng up. 1 n0 10ng3r r31y 0n my D35k70p f0r ch3ck1ng my m411, 1 u53 my m0b113 70 4cc355 7h47 7h3m. !d34 c311u14r5 1n 1nd14 h4v3 g07 5uch 4 f4c1117y 7h47 3n4b135 u53r5 70 53nd m411 3v3n fr0m 4 N0k14 1100..!!! Wh04.....N0w 7h47 15 50m37h1ng c001.

N0w 7h47 w3 54w 7h3 u53fu1 4nd b34u71fu1 f347ur35 0f W3b 2.0, n0w 1375 g37 b4ck 70 bu551n355.
411 7h15 b34u71fu1 73chn010gy r3qu1r35 107 0f 7413n7, 1n73gr17y 4nd h4rd w0rk, 50 n47ur411y 7h3y mu57 b3 p41d h4nd50m31y. 50, by wh47 w111 7h053 p30p13 g3n3r473 r3v3nu3?

7h3 70015 7h47 c0mpr153 0f m4j0r c0n7r1bu710n 70 W3b 2.0 f1n4nc3 4r3 - 4J4X, G00g13 4dw0rd5, Y4h00! N37w0rk, M5N, 4m4z0n.c0m (C141m1ng 70 b3 w0r1d5 b1gg357 b00k 570r3..!!), 4nd y0u kn0w wh47 c0n7r1bu735 70 7h31r hug3 f1n4nc141 g41n5 4nd 4 f13rc3 c0mp371710n 70 574y 0n 70p 0f 73chn010gy 4nd m0n3y?

5urpr153.....175 4 5m411 200kb 73x7 d474 570r3d 0n y0ur PC - 7h3 'C00k13'.........

H0w c4n 4 5m411 h4rm1355 c00k13 3v4d3 my pr1v4cy?? G00d qu35710n. 1 b37 7h3 4n5w3r w111 b3 m0r3 g00d...7h3n y0u w111 13457 3xp3c7 17..... 0h y34h, 1 f0rg07 70 7311 y0u 4b0u7 4n 3x4mp13 0f W3b 2.0 p147f0rm. F0110w 7h15 5m411 11nk, 7h47 w111 134d y0u 70 4 5m411 b374 d3m0 0f w3b 2.0 0r 5h0u1d 1 54y '4 h41f b4k3d pr0duc7..n0b0dy kn0w5 wh47 17 15...bu7 Y4h00 15 c0nf1d3n7 7h47 7h15 pr0duc7 w111 m4k3 7h3m w1n 4n 0ng01ng w4r w17h G00g13 :-)

70 B3 C0N71NU3D

15 G00g13 7h3 'B1g 3v11' 0r M0r3 0n W3b 2.0 0r y0u w4n7 70 134rn 7h3 m4g1c 0f c00k135 4nd 7h31r p0w3r 70 3v4d3 y0ur pr1v4cy....411 7h15 n3x7 0n 7h3 'F1r57 70n35 0f Fr33d0m.

Pr1v4cy 4nd 3xp10175 - 2

C0N71NU3D FR0M PR3V10U5 P057

F0r 1457 0n3 w33k, 1 4m n07 4 hum4n. 1 h4v3 7urn3d my531f 1n70 4 v1r7u41 ch47b07.

N0, 175 n07 4 r3gu14r 54rc4571c j0k3. 175 r341..

7h3 10g 57475 4r3 -
1. 70741 dur4710n - 1.5 w33k5.
2. 70741 ch47 71m3 - 41m057 80 h0ur5
3. 70741 0n11n3 71m3 - 100 h0ur5.
4. 70741 11n35 7yp3d - 4 m473r141 3n0ugh 70 f111 100 b0und p4g35.
5. 0n11n3 70015 - 0rku7, Gm411, G00g13 741k.
6. 7h3 f1n41 c0nc1u50n - Ch4771ng 15 4 v3ry d1ff1cu17 j0b.

4f73r 57udy1ng 0n11n3 b3h4v10ur p4773r5 0f d1ff3r3n7 p30p13, 1 f317 7h47 my qu3r135 w3r3 p0551b31y 4n5w3r3d. 7h3 1n17141 m071v4710n f0r 7h15 57udy w45 -

1. 7h3 0v3ru53 0f 0n11n3 70015 4nd 1ncr3453 1n 50c141 10n11n355.
2. 7h3 pr0b13m5 0f 0n11n3 5n00p5.
3. 7h3 r3450n 0f m4k1ng 0n11n3 70015 p0pu14r.

4f73r 5331ng 7h053 qu35710n, m4ny w111 f331 7h47 n0w 1 w111 p057 4 m1n1mum 50 p4g3 c0n73n7.7h3 4n5w3r 15 N0. 7h15 r3p0r7 c4n 1n 5umm3r1z3d 1n 1355 7h3n 50 11n35..1 kn0w 17 f3315 w13r3d, bu7 3v3n 1 f317 'Wh47, 0n1y 7h15 much..??!!!' ..bu7 4nyw4y....

1n 4 nu75h311 -

1. M4ny p30p13 u53 0n11n3 70015 4nd ch4771ng f4c1117135 b3c4u53 0f u773r cur10517y. 175 du3 70 p33r pr355ur3, 147357 7r3nd, 4nd 4b0v3 411, p30p13 57111 b3113v3 7h47 7h15 15 7h3 w4y 70 574y 1n 70uch w17h 73chn010gy 4nd 4cqu1r3 n3w kn0w13dg3 5k1115. Bu7 47 13457 1n 1nd14, 7h3r3 4r3 v3ry f3w p30p13 4dd1c73d 70 n37 ch4771ng ju57 b3c4u53 7h3y f331 10n31y 4nd 4r3 n07 1n73r3573d 1n 50c1411z1ng, wh1ch 5h0w5 7h47 m4j0r17y 0f 1nd14n5, 57111 7ru57 7h31r r3gu14r p4773rn 1n c0mmun1c471ng w17h 34ch 07h3r.

2. R3g4rd1ng N37 5n00p135. 0n11n3 70015 11k3 0rku75 h4v3 0n3 g00d 7h1ng 7h47 y0u c4n j01n 17 0n1y 7hr0ugh 1nv174710n, 13 y0u n33d 47 13457 0n3 7ru573d 50c141 fr13nd, fr0m wh0m y0u c4n r3c31v3 4n 1nv174710n 4nd 3n73r 4n 3xc171ng 0n11n3 50c141 n37w0rk. Why 4m 1 54y1ng 17 3xc171ng?
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