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Privacy 'nd Xploits - 5

Hi thre.

If you are outsiD India, I guess thre are no problms 4 you n seng ths...but many peopl from India arnt abl 2 see ths sit, coz Indian govrnmnt has officilly/unofficilly blockd access 2 ll sits orign@ng from d blogspot doman..Wh8hr dy hav d1 it ryt or wrong can cause a huG Dbt amongst Indians, but thn we cannot s2p from puttng up quliT blogs, snt it?? :D

OK, now as d govt has blockd access 2 sits, can we say th@ ths has Bn a block on our fredom of expression? Some of you myt say yes, some of you wl say no..some wont say anythng..

But thn, Bcuase I care 4 my Indian reaDrs, I am gong 2 tll you a way 2 read ths blog usng a smll but significantly important m8hod - The use of a proxy srvr. But B4e th@ I appl 2 ll of you th@ plase ignore ll d mails nd paGs th@ tll you addresses of onlne proxy..Its not gonna proviD anonimiT but a gre@ lie. Not only its illgl, but its lso unsafe. Can B trmd as anti n@ionl nd wrong. Trust me.

Meanwhil, I conDm evry @tack maD aganst India, nd I wsh th@ Indian govrnmnt should make strict clause of punshmnt 4 militants nd trrorsts. Fuckiest trrorsts, you dont do any smartness whn you kill nnocnt humans. You hav no guts 2 evn lUk @ d brav Indian soldirs face 2 face. I pray 2 God 4 d peopl who lost dir livs n d recnt blasts. I lso support d stnd of Indian Govrnmnt n ths case. Evn if I fl it lil nconvnint, I am lso aware th@ n@ion cms first n any case. For me, its my country th@ m@trs d most nd I wl lways B a proud Indian. I wl lways try my Bst so th@ 1 day my country wl B proud of me. And yeah, dont 4Gt th@ usng othr proxy thn d 1s mnti1d n ths blog blong 2 pakstani origns nd your prsonl Dtails wl B availabl 2 dm @ no extra cost. On 2p of it, its an anti n@ionl nd anti Indian act, which s punshabl by law. So ll blogGrs, dont fll prey 2 any flse sayngs nd jon hnds 2 support d govrnmnt nd show uniT of bng an Indian. Plase dont use a wrong proxy 2 view your blogs. Its an appl nd request.

The mdia currntly has got no brans, nd I conDm d rol of prntd mdia nd broadcast mdia as wll 4 not supportng Indian stnd.

Now I wl tll you a lgl nd officil way 2 access sits from ths doman.

If you hav GPRS nabld hnds8s, thn you must B knowng th@ thre s a sepr@ wml proxy srvr from GUgl th@ shows you ll WAP nabld paGs n chtml 4m@. has anothr use a proxy..but its lgl nd trustd as its GUgl :)

OK, now Tpe ths n your browsr - nd press ntr. Wait you wont Gt anythng..!! So now, Tpe exactly d same as wh@ I tll you.

Now wh@ s imoD?? In short, I-moD s Japanese NTT DoCoMo (Japanese Tlph1 nd Tlgraph whrevr you go) mobil computr which makes use of chtml, a subs8 of html on its hndhlds.

Aftr ntrng ths address, you wl see d smll imprnt of GUgl search paG on d browsr. Simpl ntr d address of sit you wnt 2 see, nd I guess d GUgl wl safly take you thre evn if thre s a ban of paGs from th@ doman..Try ths lnk 2 read my paG -

Just Gt d syntax ryt -
q=name of 4bidDn sit
hl=n ie your languaG
lr=restrict=chtml its a languaG Drivd from html
ei nd ll othrs are long thngs..

Now aftr ll ths, you must not 4Gt 2 thank GUgl. GUgl s not only a search ngne, but lso a gre@ onlne frind who knows exactly wh@ 2 fnd nd whre 2 fnd.. :)

Now an obvious quesshn. How did I cm 2 know ths? a secr8..!!

The othr 2ol th@ you can try safly s - Skweezr

Actully, ths snt a convnshnl proxy, but a sit th@ 'squeezes' out extra d@a from web paGs..It s orignlly Dsignd 4 mobil n8 surfng whre we are charGd on kilobyt pr second. Ths thng basiclly s usd 4 srvice proviDrs like !Da, Hutch, CllOne 8c, d majot playrs n India. So, evn if you dont ned ths aftr d ban s ovr, use it on your GPRS nabld mobil, it wil do you a lot of GUd.

No, actully, as a securiT exprt I ned 2 keep knowldG of ll thngs th@ exst...from proxies 2 anonymous mailrs 8c.. I know th@ dse 2ols can ovrriD d gUd limits, but thn its an nevitibiliT th@ we cannot avoid..

Till next time, I hope our sits wl B unblockd..nd more on govt policies, GUgl, cncorship nd N8 access n d next post on The First T1s of Fredom.

Jay Bharat.

BTW, You may be surprised to see this new typo lingo here..Worry not..Its just a small demo..The l33t edition will continue to have the regular leet language. This post is written in sms speak only because the proxies I have mentioned are used in mobile communication..So, its just a thank you for those folks who made it possible for many of us to view the blogs.


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